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We offer a 1-year health guarantee for our Teacup Maltese Puppies in case of congenital illness and in case of any other issues


We provide regular check-up to our Maltese Puppies with a 17 point vet from a professional veterinary clinic


Our teacup maltese puppies for sale near me are well trained and socialized. They are raised with love and full care so they will be ready for their new home.


We provide same-day delivery of our teacup tiny maltese puppies with our trusted transport partners.

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Teacup Maltese Puppies: Appearance, Color, Personality, Grooming & Feeding


Teacup Maltese Puppies for Adoption look are different and depend on the method used to breed them. If mini Maltese is a mixed breed with a smaller dog breed parent, they will inherit any combination of its parents’ genetics. So, they can look exactly like its Maltese parent or it could be a mix of the two. 

If Miniature Maltese Puppies for Sale are made by introducing the dwarfism gene, they will have a larger head and shorter legs than the standard Maltese.

If they are breeding from runts they will look like a small version of a regular Maltese.Teacup Maltese puppies have a dark nose and brown oval eyes and can have some discoloration under their eyes. They have a beautiful white coat and sometimes have lemon markings. People love them because of their cute looks.  


If teacup puppies are breed by mixing with a smaller breed their temperament can be like the non-Maltese Parent. Maltese Breeders Puppies for Sale are confident, bold, and social. They are very friendly and love spending their time with their owners. They love to cuddle by their owners. The Maltese puppies also need socialization training otherwise they can become aggressive and fearful.


Teacup Maltese lobe to sit around on your lap all day most of the time. If you don’t have much time to walk they are a perfect fit for you.   But you should encourage your puppies for activities and exercise to strengthen their muscles, heart, and lungs. These dogs are very delicate and have fragile bones. They are vulnerable to many things. They should be handled softly. 

Maltese Puppies Health Problems:

Patent Ductus Arterioles

Tracheal Collapse

Luxating Patellas

Shaker Dog Syndrome

Gastrointestinal disorders


Tips to increase the life expectancy of Mini Maltese Puppies for Sale:

Dental Care

Regular Checkup

Proper Diet 

Good Exercise

Maltese Puppies can live up to 10 to 12 years. Routine checkups are important for them for maintaining good health and increasing the chance for successful and faster recovery. 

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